Permission For Use Of Images

Thank you for your interest in using images from the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network's multimedia gallery. With the exception of LTER graphics and logos, limited permission is granted for use of images in the LTER multimedia gallery, on a non-exclusive basis, for educational and non-commercial purposes. In any case granting the right to use an image from the gallery does not explicitly or implicitly convey LTER’s endorsement of the publication or site where the image is used or the purposes for which it is used. If the image includes an identifiable person in a situation that may infringe that person's right to privacy or publicity, then permission should be obtained from that person in writing. In that case please seek permission by writing to the LTER Network Communications Office for information about how to contact the person in question. In all cases, use the copyright information provided with the image; otherwise credit the LTER Network Office with a simple "Courtesy: LTER Network Office" notation.

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