Harvard Forest LTER

The Harvard Forest is located in a rural setting in north-central Massachusetts about 70 miles west of Boston. The 1200-hectare site lies in the Transition Hardwood-White Pine-Hemlock forest region, and includes a variety of forests and wetlands. Research at the Forest focuses on effects of natural and human disturbances on forest ecosystems. These disturbances include atmospheric pollution, global warming, hurricanes, treefalls, and insect outbreaks. Facilities include laboratories for nutrient analysis, physiological and population ecology, isozyme and pollen analysis; greenhouses; herbarium; computer laboratory; library; and a museum.

Foundation Species Matter

Understanding extinction crisis.

Ant Exclosure

Role ants play in forest ecosystem dynamics


Detritus Input Removal & Transfer project

Garlic Mustard

Measuring the impacts of garlic mustard

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