Coweeta LTER

The Coweeta LTER program investigates the consequences to the southern Appalachian socio-ecological system of the interaction between changing climate and land use expected to change profoundly in the next five decades. Our research extends long-term measurements, field experiments and interdisciplinary modeling from small watershed studies to regional-scale analyses to account for increases in resource demand and competition from adjacent and more distant areas. Our focus is on the provisioning service of water quantity, the regulating service of water quality, and the supporting service of maintaining biodiversity.

Climate Change and Habitat

Reality of rapid global climate change

Future Nitrogen Cycling

patterns of nitrogen (N) loss from forests

Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory

Scaling Up to the Catchment


Effectsprivate and public land-use decisions.

Stream Flows

Guageing streamflows

Coweeta Waterfall

Dense understory of Rhododendron maximum

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